Friday, September 11, 2009 - Spain to wait on tuna ban - Spain to wait on tuna ban

Has your husband researched the legal side of buying in Spain? There are lots of horror stories about people who think they#re buying their dream home and who end up with no house and no money either. It would surely, initially, ...

Spain#s ministry of agriculture noted that a scientific study on the issue is be released next month, and the results will be analysed at a meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas in November. ...

The Irish in Spain have merged into the local language, culture and customs, but have not left their own cultures behind. Irish and Celtic Music is strong across Spain, Gaelic sports are now being played in Pamplona, Valencia, ...

But on Thursday morning, Moratinos was summoned back to Spain in a hurry to meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who had just come from promising a supply of sanctions-busting gasoline to Iran. Chavez and Iranian President ...

This painting hangs in The Prado Museum in Madrid, an artifact of Spain#s 16th century imperial domain, extending as far north as the Netherlands. Emilia had flown from her Polish homeland to visit her uncle in Madrid. ...

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