Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pepsi and Walmart: Helping your kids want more junk food

Pepsi and Walmart: Helping your kids want more junk food

In recent months, Walmart has taken major steps to refresh its stores, merchandising and customer experience. The improvements have all come together in the company#s newest stores, such as the Flemington Walmart, with fast service, ...

If you#re a Walmart shopper, you#ll have to do extra reps of the #no# practice now, as the mega-retailer has made an unusual move in its stores. According to one shopper who wrote into Consumerist (with photos), the Pepsi and Dorito ...

If I really didn#t have the money to get married somewhere else, they always could have had it at a park or in their back yard… Walmart just looks too.. too… commercial.. for a wedding. =o/ Ah well gift returns should be easier! ...

You#ve probably heard the story about the Lexus in the Walmart (WMT) parking lot. Or the Costco (COST) shopper stuffing the 48-roll pack of toilet paper into the trunk of a Mercedes-Benz. Like an urban legend, the details differ, ...

My favorite example (which is so timely) ishow Wal-Mart managers were proud that right after 9-11 they scooped up within hours a near monopoly on American flags made in the US. That was their primary action after 9/11. ...

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